Sexual problems are defined as difficulty experienced by an individual or couple during any phase of the sexual activity. They are often in patients with chronic systemic inflammatory diseases. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of most encountered diseases, particularly after middle age period while sexual functional problems are also prevalent in. Although sexual dysfunctions are not well addressed in COPD population, they are responsible for low quality of life as well as a variety of comorbid psychological and relationship problems. Erectile disorder and decreased sexual interest and arousal are highly prevalent in COPD population. Erectile disorder is also common in systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus regarding to its inflammatory and vascular pathophysiology. Systemic inflammatory response, vascular endothelial damage, deoxygenation, systemic drugs and psychogenic conditions are the main factors contributed to sexual dysfunctions. In this part, we will review sexual problems in patients suffering from COPD.